What Makes VMware vSphere a Great Virtualisation Platform?

Virtualisation enables the use of virtual machines to store and compute information when accessed through the network servers. In essence, virtual servers make workloads management easier and more flexible, as data can move from one environment to the other.

Businesses love virtualisation because it improves data allocation and performance, and facilitates business continuity and disaster recovery procedures by allowing processes to shift and reboot from one virtual server to the next.

VMware vSphere – VMware’s cloud computing virtualization platform – is arguably the best virtualisation platform in today’s global marketplace, covering 85% of the virtualisation market space, but also innovative with interesting value-add development aside from its preferred data recovery, flexibility and security-embedded policies.

VMware vSphere is easy to implement into an existing IT environment and can coexist alongside other virtualisation platforms such as Hyper-V. vSphere is a hypervisor, meaning a  virtual machine monitor (VMM) that creates and runs virtual machines. Multiple servers and multiple computers can run on top of the main server.

According to Ryan Birk, a virtualisation expert at New Horizons Computing Learning Centres, vSphere’s longevity guarantees a more polished user interface and easier management tools to work with, compare to other virtualisation alternatives.

In addition, VMware pushes integration to multi-cloud environments such as the Amazon Cloud through Amazon Web Services, by allowing companies to run their workloads either in the VMware environment or extending to popular cloud platforms, allowing even more flexibility.

vSphere’s additional tools that enable users to add CPUs and memory to machines while they are powered on, as well as convert other VMs (for example Hyper-V) to run on the VMware platform, speak of the integration and versatility of VMware vSphere in virtualisation.

Finally, VMware’s virtualisation platform is continuously innovating to meet organisations’ demands of using a hybrid cloud infrastructure that provides the best of both worlds: the public cloud and the private network infrastructure.

Does your IT infrastructure provide the scalability and performance your business requires?

VMware’s cloud technologies assist organisations to fully and securely leverage VMware hybrid clouds and native public clouds for increased agility, accelerated innovation, and optimised costs.