What You Need to Know About Custom Apps Part 2

Technology is great, and is making the world of the business owner even greater. With all the new platforms so readily available it has become possible for you to have your own customised app.

In Part 1 of the article we looked at the rise of custom apps and what you should consider before jumping into the development phase. In Part 2, we’ll look at the more practical aspects of the process and what needs to be done to ensure smooth deployment.

Security plays an important part – both in the sense of needing a custom app that is reliable and not filled with glitches as well as a custom app that won’t let business secrets slip out the door. For this reason, you need to make sure that you use the best in the business – an expert service provider and cutting edge software and technology.

You also need to ensure that whichever security measures are associated with the custom app are easily understood and followed by your employees. It should be easy to understand the need for these measures and execute them.

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Business process automation is quickly becoming a highly strategic enabler of business control, agility and productivity. Taking this into consideration, along with the fact that the whole world is moving to mobile and web applications, the deciding factor comes down to cost. With our business and development model we can create high-quality mobile and web applications at a fraction of the cost.

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Another key step in developing custom software is to make sure that the development phase is well-thought out and includes enough time and resources to ensure proper testing. Inevitably there will be bugs in almost all systems – make sure your developer has spent enough time getting any wrinkles ironed out before deployment. While in the testing and/or development phase, it’s a good idea to have input from the people who will actually be using the custom app on a daily basis to make sure it is a good fit.

Ultimately, the proof of the pudding will lie in the deployment phase. If you have crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s, deployment should run smoothly, with a quick implementation phase and training of employees in the use of the custom app running smoothly.

All these are reasons confirming the need for a specialised software development partner who will listen to you before anything else. You need a partner that will get to know your business inside and out, and understand the core values that drive your operations. You need someone who will protect and promote your brand with the custom app. Strategix is that partner.

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