Why Built-in Security for Networking Infrastructure Matters

Innovations in networking infrastructure had lead to a new approach to security. In software-based virtual networking platforms, security is an embedded feature, not bolted on as in the traditional setup. Here is why built-in security matters.

Most organisations have added security layers upon security layers on their networking infrastructure over the years, adding to its complexity, meaning additional resources, effort and time to implement and upgrade security strategies.

In traditional hardware-based networking, security is an additional element to the networking infrastructure, leaving a wider attack surface that poses significant security threats, as opposed to built-in security in software-based networking platforms.

Building security into the network itself shifts the focus from protecting the entire networking infrastructure against cyber threats to understanding application and data and automatically taking the appropriate security response.

In short, the built-in security virtual networking infrastructure provides a home advantage against external threats, reducing the operating surface vulnerable to malicious cyber attacks, by compartmentalising data and end-user permissions.

Built-in security also helps IT encrypt in-flight data as it travels from cloud to data centre to branch to edge device. Furthermore, embedded security in networking architecture helps to automatically detect and respond to security threats due to seamless connectivity.

Pervasive security built into the network also gives businesses more control over its networking monitoring and data management policies through a closed-loop, fragmented but interconnected network configuration.

In traditional networking architecture, manually configuring devices and setting policies are labour- and time-intensive, and prone to errors. Control over security becomes, therefore, more limited, making the prevention and cause analysis of cyber attacks more difficult.

A virtual cloud network with built-in security architecture offers businesses the competitive edge in a modern, cloud-connected, and complex world.  Rethinking your networking architecture with built-in security in mind allows your business to focus on its core security-enabled applications and data, and dedicate more time to ongoing networking innovation.

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