Why Virtualise Business Critical Applications?

Increasingly, software and applications have become a critical component of business models worldwide.

Business critical applications are essential in keeping the business running. If such software or application fails to deliver or gets interrupted, business operations can be severely affected.

It is important to ensure these critical applications perform at their best with no downtime or minimum disruption.

Virtualisation, the process of creating a virtual representation of applications, is an efficient way to boost agility and performance while keeping IT expenses low.

There are several advantages to virtualising your critical applications, according to Chris Wolf, Research VP at independent analysis company Gartner. Below are a few noteworthy mentions:

Maximum and efficient use of resources. Virtualisation makes it possible to run multiple operating systems and applications on the same server at the same time. Running multiple applications translate into a more efficient utilisation of software resources.

Fast disaster recovery. Through virtualisation, virtual machines hosting and sharing the application resources are isolated from each other. If one virtual machine crashes, it will not affect the others. It makes it easier for organisations to plan and execute on disaster recovery.

Better application lifecycle. Running business critical applications on virtual machines rather than the traditional physical hardware enables more efficient testing and patching when problems occur and greater uptime.

Optimised schedule maintenance.  Virtualisation provides greater system availability. There is no need to schedule downtime after hours or weekends, as the system can be serviced as and when needed, by simply migrating the workload to another server.

Virtualising critical applications with VMware technology provides organisations maximum use of hardware resources without compromising application performance and makes applications more mobile, responsive and easily migrated to any server in the environment.