The national lockdown has had a considerable impact on every single business. One of the recent restrictions that have been lifted is the ban on non-essential eCommerce. As many businesses are still unable to become fully operational or open at all, as well as the fact that consumers are still apprehensive about going to the shops, eCommerce websites are set to skyrocket.

This eCommerce trend will also most likely continue even after lockdown is lifted as apprehensions about going out in public will remain. It is for this reason businesses need to seriously consider creating an eCommerce element to their business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 eCommerce is perfect for those businesses looking to adding eCommerce to their business. With D365 eCommerce, businesses are able to create a unique and personalised shopping experience. It also assists with giving your customers a seamless and accessible experience in both physical and digital stores. This presents businesses with the opportunity to continue to generate income despite the lockdown.

The benefits of implementing D365 eCommerce include:

Give your customers the power

By implementing an online store that is available 24/7/365, your customers are given the power to decide when, where and on what device they want to make the purchase. This, therefore, allows businesses to engage with their customers across various channels.

Build a loyal following

D365 eCommerce allows businesses to get a comprehensive view of all their customers. This enables you to respond to their needs and wants. By responding to each customers’ unique needs and wants businesses will be able to foster loyal relationships with customers.

Streamline and optimise operations

With machine learning and AI, D365 enables businesses to streamline and optimise integrated back-office operations ensuring the smooth running of the online aspect of the company.

Reduce stock replenishment time

With real-time sales data automatically uploaded to an ERP system allows you to plan the supply chain of the company effectively. D365 eCommerce also provides real-time stock updates into a web inventory, therefore, ensuring you are never out of stock.

Improved order processing

By automatically feeding web orders into your ERP, D365 eCommerce improves order processing.

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