Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that provides small and midsize businesses greater control over their financials and can simplify their supply chain, manufacturing, and operations.

While many solutions exist on the market, Microsoft Dynamics NAV continues to be a popular choice for small and midsize businesses around the world.  You’re probably asking yourself why. In this post we’ll look at four reasons Microsoft dynamics is so popular.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers advanced functionality that can be installed out of the box to suit whichever approach your small to midsize business needs. Whether you need high levels of functionality with minimal customisation capability or a system that can be configured to fit unique business requirements, Dynamics NAV has legitimate strategies for both.

This solution gives you access to financial management, customer relationship management, configuration and development, supply chain management, manufacturing solutions, international functionality with multilingual set-up capability to provide cross country operation allowing your company to expand and grow beyond national boundaries.


Small and midsize business are constantly in a state of flux, which means you need software solutions that can transition with your business.  Right out of the box, Dynamics NAV comes with a full module set including financials, trade, advanced warehousing, manufacturing, projects, service, CRM, and HR. When the time comes you will have access to an extensive list of add on products that allow additions to what you already have without having to customise the software.


Small businesses often find themselves rapidly outgrowing their accounting software leaving them with no other option but to upgrade at least twice to get up to a mid-market product. This is one of the biggest problems in this segment however with Dynamics NAV you have the option to put a system in place for just a few users and scale up to hundreds of concurrent users if your organisation grows to that level. This allows you to avoid the multiple upgrades and at the same time you still have access to the advanced functionality right from the beginning.


The principle of simplicity is at the core of Microsoft Dynamics NAV when to comes to usability. Dynamics NAV is so easy to use that those who are new to the workforce will feel completely comfortable with Dynamics NAV interface and the overall look and feel. This is because Dynamics NAV works like the familiar Microsoft Office tools you already use, working seamlessly with Outlook, Word, and Excel to help you complete common tasks right from your Inbox.

Your business may have started small but hard work and dedication grew it to where it is today.  If existing systems are impacting your growth potential, now is the time to take the next steps. A business solution from Microsoft uniquely brings together business applications, data, documents, devices and people helping them make the most of their time.