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Job Queue Auto Restart and Failure

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Microsoft Dynamics

The job queue in Business Central is a tool that enables end users to view, create, or modify jobs that are set to run in the background.

It uses the task scheduler from the platform and can be set to run on a recurring schedule. The job queue logs the result of the job queue, whether it failed or succeeded. 
Currently users need to manually monitor the job queue for failure and this can lead to delays in business processes.

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Strategix Job Queue enhancements

Job Queue Failure Notification 

Users will now have the option to send an automatic notification to a user should a job queue fail, This will enable business to respond to failures in a timely manner and prevent future delays to business processes associated to job queues.

Job Queue Auto Restart

Users have the option to auto restart failed job queues automatically.


Most failures are normally associated to either business processes preventing the current job queue from completing or a loss in communication when calling external services, for these type of failures users will now have the option to automatically restart the job queue without any user interaction.

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