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BEE App for Business Central

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on your suppliers’ B-BBEE scorecard scores with ease.

When it comes to restrictions imposed by the government in particular markets, it may be challenging to implement the most advanced technology in the world.

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Broad-based black economic empowerment, or BEE, is a government programme with the goals of accelerating economic transformation and increasing the economic participation of black people (South African citizens of African, Coloured, and Indian origin) in the economy of South Africa.

The B-BBEE compliance requirement is something that must be met by any company that provides services to large corporations or government organisations. As a consequence of this, it is extremely important to monitor the B-BBEE ratings of your suppliers.

As a means of assisting with this,

we developed an app for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central called the B-BBEE Report Card.

It allows you to manage supplier B-BBEE scorecards and expenditure against the appropriate suppliers, discover advantageous suppliers in terms of their B-BBEE status, and report on B-BBEE compliance. This eliminates the time-consuming chore of tracking supplier spend against their B-BBEE scorecard rating, which was designed specifically for South African businesses.

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