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Business today is about hyper-agility.

The global directive states that commerce must now be ‘always-on’.

Companies that don’t offer their markets convenience and availability that’s all-permeating, will likely miss out on the lion’s share of the pillar or industry they occupy.

Because of that directive, it’s now crucial for a business to become a seamless ecosystem that operates independently of its leaders and decision makers, so that they may concentrate on further growth.

Like any long-running, successful ecosystem, the business’s internal processes, then, need to exist in a system of symbiosis – accounting, supply chain, databases, processes – these must all flow, one into the next, and ideally, automatically.

But how?

But how?Introducing the prestigious, unified business ecosystem, Microsoft Azure
– available from Strategix.

Here’s how it works:

Microsoft Azure Structured Query Language (SQL) Database

Your data is the precious haul from which you glean the information vital to pin-pointing lucrative markets and enhancing business processes.

Simply, it’s the window to the path to business growth and success.

To proper manage the data treasure chest, you need a competent database management system, and that will usually be set in place as an SQL – structured query language. The SQL is domain-specific language used as a relational database management system, and within it, you house the rich, insightful data that feeds your business.

Microsoft Azure SQL lets you future-proof your business with a fully integrated structured query language system, and with it, you can:

Marry your SQL skills in the cloud on the same server

Marry your SQL skills in the cloud, on the same server

Build applications faster

Build applications faster

Automatically scale resources on demand

Automatically scale resources on demand

Modernise your SQL capabilities and unify these on one service

Modernise your SQL capabilities and unify these on one service

Store data in hyper scale

Store data in hyper-scale

Enhance business agility with AI powered features

Enhance business agility with AI-powered features

… and much more.

Is this the solution you need?


Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based access management system.

With it, you can access your Software as a Service (SaaS) touchpoints, and manage your other external management systems, like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What’s more, Azure Active Directory lets you remotely access any internal applications you’ve developed, and that you run on your intranet.

Is this what you need?

Microsoft Azure Web Apps

Azure Web Apps is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) structure for your business.

With Web Apps, you can code into and create websites, and remotely manage content.

With it, you can run your web publishing apps on multiple
frameworks and in a multitude of programming languages, like:









… and more.

Unlock the full potential of Azure for your business. Contact us to learn more about our offerings and pricing.


Security and Compliance with Microsoft Azure

The hyper-connected state of business today means its all-permeating nature is one that demands increased security and compliance processes.

Microsoft Azure has developed a sound and comprehensive range of features, that increase your business’s ability to effectively manage regulatory challenges.

With it, you can deploy certifications within compliant environments, merge security management and threat protection, and establish policies that enable your business to align with regulations and compliances, both internal and external.

Serverless Computing Platform (Azure Functions)

Serverless compute – Azure’s world-class serverless computing platform – lets your business, essentially, scale within the cloud itself, and in full automation, so that as you grow the cloud grows with you, to match your workload.

What’s more, with serverless
computing, you can:

Ensure your business responds to events via an integrated programming directive

Ensure your business responds to events via an integrated programming directive

Build debug monitor and deploy processes

Build, debug, monitor and deploy processes

Be fully agile by selecting optimal hosting options as business needs shift

Be fully agile by selecting optimal hosting options as business needs shift

Getting Started with
Microsoft Azure

If you’re wondering how Azure works with your existing infrastructure, contact Strategix today.

Microsoft Azure is a way to establish your business’s operating ecosystem, in an environment that promotes agility.

It’s the method to most effectively future-proof your business and gives you the capabilities to craft your advancements in containers, Kubernetes, blockchains, AI and databases.

Mostly, it’s the quickest way to make your business ecosystem flourish – and as within any healthy ecosystem, growth and untold evolution will then only naturally occur.

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