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Customising eCommerce Through Seamless Systems Integration

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D365 eCommerce

Businesses must, through agility and savviness, align to the ebbs and flows of trade in a highly connected global market.

And it’s a global market yes, but because of that hyper-connectedness, and the development of systems that can accommodate a customisable shopping experience for businesses everywhere, with active customers sharing that experience, we’re now a global village, too.

D365 eCommerce Features

At Strategix, we embrace that state. We strive to give our clients the tools to craft a shopping journey unique to their customers’ needs – that means, shoppers can shop when, and where they want, via online or brick and mortar locations, through an integrated, nebula of convenient, easy-to-use, instantaneous online and offline shopping options, all brought to them by you.

But how?

Introducing the Dynamics 365 eCommerce capability (D365 eCommerce)
– an uninterruptable shopping experience.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Platform?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solution is a SaaS platform – Software as a Service – it’s fully web browser mechanised, so can be managed anytime, anywhere – all that’s needed is an internet connection.

To better witness the D365 eCommerce experience, though, it must be enmeshed with a business’s ERP, or enterprise resource planning directive.

An ERP is a systemic collection of technologies that allows a business to manage operational day-to-day activities – finances, projects, compliance, inventory and supplies. To plug-in eCommerce, then, is essentially tantamount to opening that business’s doors to a greater offering for active online shoppers.

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Lets stick to everything eCommerce

Let’s stick to everything eCommerce here, though, because without it, your business could be missing out on a lucrative stream – shoppers who want convenience, and option to shop wherever and whenever, on an efficient and capable ubiquitous platform.

But, apart from that potential new channel just waiting to see your products and services, the Dynamics 365 eCommerce offering will give your business a host of features. Features like the all-powerful database, from which can be gleaned a rich payload of insights. These insights can be utilised to adjust your marketing and selling strategies to deftly target the customers looking for your specific industry know-how.

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Why Choose
Dynamics 365 eCommerce?

Dynamics 365 is a suite of products that exists as a hive built from world-class enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Each module in that structure, will allow you to craft your offering, integrate your internal and external services, and maximise the digital capabilities of your business.

Dynamics 365 eCommerce is just one module to that system – yet, perhaps the most vital, as it puts you in eyeline of the customers who are looking for your services. We can take a deeper dive still because this feature to the broader Dynamics 365 suite, will make your connection between your endeavours of selling online, and the activity of your customers buying online, entirely seamless.

Here are just a few of the benefits:


The cloud – that mythical place to which we send our files, data, info, even music – is the key to digitisation that is fully integrated.

The Dynamics 365 suite is entirely cloud-based – and so too is the eCommerce module. That means that you can custom-build the way you want the suite to work for you, and your eCommerce offering, systems and data.
All within a central, visible hub, accessible with one login, and presented to you on a comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard.

And as you bring your wares to the online market that’s been asking for you all this time, the cloud will allow your business to scale, with software and data updates that grow with you.


The omnipresence of an eCommerce capability for your business stretches into marketing in the digital space.

This means that, as soon as you shift to opening operations online, you open up a world of potential digital marketing tools. These tools will allow you to fine tune your marketing strategy, and give you continual, vital data for insights that keep you agile in the market.


All of those eCommerce features that may seem trivial – Add to Cart, Checkout, My Orders – are really, essential instruments of conversion. In their buying journey, you want customers to know where they are at each step, to an ultimate, successful purchase.

It’s simply a matter of convenience, and it will ensure they click back to you whenever they can, to be able to go through it all again.

The Dynamics 365 eCommerce feature, added to your overall ERP capability, gives you full eCommerce functionality.


Again, the Dynamics 365 eCommerce platform is designed to align your online offering with your customers’ buying specifications – and house these all in a relationship of pure symbiosis.

Here are just some of the features you’ll get:

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How to Setup an eCommerce Store

with Dynamics 365 eCommerce

It’s as simple as establishing your ERP and CRM hub, and then plugging in the eCommerce capability.

Dynamics 365 will facilitate the rest, to open your processes up to agility, tell your customers you’re there, and ensure their purchasing experience is unmatched.

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