Best AI-powered New Features for Office 365

Microsoft has been adding intelligent features to its Office suite for years (remember the Clippy assistant?). Cloud-based Office 365 benefits from the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning advancements.

Below we round-up the most recent AI-powered features for everyday tasks that make life and business easier in Office 365.

Unlock Powerful Assistance In Word

Thanks to machine learning capabilities, Word Online is now capable of recognising internal company acronyms used in the workplace, by leveraging information previously defined across documents and emails through Microsoft Graph.

Another AI-enabled Word feature is the practical document assistant that recognises information and document type. Opening a CV or resume template file, for example, triggers an automated display of similar work experiences, with the possibility of filtering information.

The selection includes top skills for the particular jobs; similar examples of careers resume, as well as career advice, articles and suitable jobs to apply to, all sourced from LinkedIn’s database.

Go from Data to Rich Insights in Excel

Businesses can automatically perform complex analysis and unlock powerful insights when enabling AI for Excel, therefore derive real value from data analytics.

The Insights feature extracts key insights from new data sets and automatically highlights patterns it detects, which makes it easier to explore and analyse data. It helps identify trends, outliers, and provides new perspectives on data.

Design Intelligent Presentations in PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations have evolved to showcase automatic text translations and recommended slide design ideas, all based on cognitive services.

Business users can easily adapt layout designs, insert images and graphics, add 3D objects, and receive recommendations according to the content and context of the presentation, for example, timeline graphics or important milestones, and automatic photo cropping and editing.

Get to Meetings on Time with Cortana and Outlook

AI-powered features in Outlook include automatic meeting scheduler, trips and deliveries detection, and email sorting.

One of the latest additions is bringing Cortana to the Outlook mobile app to get immediately notified of upcoming meetings and detail the route to the location.

This feature for iOS, known as Time to Leave for Outlook, shows directions to the meeting place and real-time traffic information, allowing business users to plan better their appointments.

Search and Detect Text in Images

A very important intelligence-driven addition to Office 365 is the ability to recognise content within images, screenshots, invoices, receipts, business cards, and whiteboards among others. The feature was introduced last year for OneDrive and SharePoint.

Going one step further, this content is now automatically extracted from the above images and related types of files when the user searches for that specific content, without having to peruse the image database, saving time and effort.

Office 365 integrates cloud, mobile, and social technology solutions to make your business more collaborative and productive.