Can You Trust the Public Cloud?

Although security is still a valid concern for organisations moving to the cloud, a new IDC research sponsored by VMware showed that even the most security-aware and regulated industries in the US are adopting public clouds, thanks to updated cloud technologies.

Is it time to start trusting the public cloud?

Over the next two years, enterprises in regulated industries – banking, pharma, healthcare, even government-state owned – will contribute more than 27% growth to applications deployed in public cloud, according to the research.

These organisations are known for their traditional ownership of legacy technologies. However, public clouds can remove the complexity, costs and delays of legacy technologies and help enterprises embrace a new wave of innovation to benefit their clients.

According to the same study, nearly half of the surveyed enterprises in more stringent regulated industries are looking to deploy applications to the public cloud to improve their operational agility, cost efficiency, productivity, simplicity and even security.

The public cloud offers the advantages of efficiency, responsiveness and agility to enterprises in all industries. Companies will consider the public cloud for its significant cost savings, speed and scalability, and then look for ways to overcome security concerns.

Take Advantage of the Public Cloud

Not all clouds meet industry regulations and certifications, and some cannot guarantee the availability and security of sensitive data or specific industry applications. Depending on the cloud policy, many companies choose to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy and leverage the seamless integration between their on-premises assets and the cloud.

In hybrid cloud environments, enterprises can easily migrate workloads between the public cloud and their data centre or private cloud. This flexibility allows companies to still access the on-demand resources and capabilities of the public cloud, without losing full visibility, compliance and control, thanks to the own data centre and private cloud setup.

For organisations regularly plagued by security and privacy concerns, the public cloud can become an extension of the existing data centre rather than the entire business backbone. Public clouds can assist in centralising governance, visibility and control to simplify operations and contribute to further security improvements in the cloud ecosystem.

Does your IT infrastructure provide the scalability and performance your business requires?

VMware’s cloud technologies assist organisations to fully and securely leverage VMware hybrid clouds and native public clouds for increased agility, accelerated innovation, and optimised costs.