The latest AI-enabled applications in Dynamics 365 include the customer-centric side of the business, specifically Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Insights. In this blog, we focus on the AI enhancements designed for the Dynamics 365 for Sales application.

Dynamics 365 for Sales is the popular CRM application included in the Dynamics 365 product suite and available on a subscription basis. Sales agents and teams use it to manage sales cycles, from the first point of contact with the customer to finalising the sale.

Dynamics 365 AI for Sales connects with the primary sales application. The system analyses the overall communication with the customer, potential leads and opportunities for upselling and cross-selling, and the general feeling of the sales relationship.

It not only provides the data for sales agents to base their sales efforts on, but it also shows analytical information for sales managers about the sales team’s performance, which improves sales reporting and team appraisals.

To determine the general status of a sales relationship, the AI functionality generates a current health score of the sales relationship taking into account the customer and sales-generated data, a well as information from other tools such as Microsoft Exchange and the social network LinkedIn.

The AI extension analyses customer activity and communications using a machine learning algorithm that identifies specific keywords and mentions of competitors among others to predict the buyer’s sentiment in all conversations. Then it adds these findings to the overall health score.

New AI developments indicate a future scorecard or overview of the general performance of team sellers and a forecast of future sales performance based on current data. For example, machine learning technology will enable risk analysis to predict the revenue potentially generated by a sales representative, useful information for the sales manager.

In conclusion, Dynamics 365 AI for sales is a valuable add-on to the sales management system to support sales management and teams to make more informed decisions.

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