Dynamics 365 Business Central – Premium vs Essential

Dynamics 365 Business Central is available to businesses under three types of licence, namely Team Member, Essential, and Premium. Unsurprisingly, the Premium license includes more capabilities than the Essential. Understanding these add-on features will help you in choosing the right ERP functionality for your enterprise.

At a glance, the Essential license gives users access to the majority of Business Central’s features previously found in Finance and Operations Business Edition, including extended HR and project management, while the Premium license contains even more access to Service Order Management and Manufacturing features. In this blog, we focus on these premium features.

Service Order Management

Business Central’s Service Order Management module allows companies to increase the level of customer service, and boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in the process. It enables organisations to oversee their service management operations from processing orders to issuing contracts and managing technicians.

Built to support field service operations, the app features tools to register and track post-sales issues, including new service requests and routine maintenance, set and update service prices, and monitor service KPIs.

It also enables users to manage key components of their service operations, such as contract information, components, and warranty information. Users can record and track information on service levels, response times, and service history of each contract, as well as assign personnel based on skills and availability, log handling details and update the order status.


The addition of manufacturing tools to Business Central offers a range of NAV 2018-like features to help production businesses manage and streamline their output. Enterprises can manage machine centres, control capacity levels, and ensure work centres are operating at an efficient level.

Users in the manufacturing industry can create production orders, produce and manage alternative versions of production bill of materials, and outsource particular operations within a production order to subcontractors.

The app also helps businesses plan for and manage demand, with master production scheduling and materials requirements planning tools, and create production and purchase orders based on demand forecasts and inventory levels.

Finally, Business Central supports agile manufacturing, enabling businesses to plan for peak times and make eleventh-hour alterations to processes to facilitate changes.

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