Dynamics 365: Which Solution is Best for Your Business?

If you are looking to implement an ERP solution in the Dynamics 365 range, knowing which solution fits the best your business needs can save you a lot of money and headaches.

The most common solutions include Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (F&O, formerly Dynamics AX). Below are some differences between these two to help you ease your decision.

Industry-related functionality 

Generally, the size of your company, the industry it activates in, and your specific needs will determine the most suitable ERP platform for your business. Choose Business Central (NAV) instead, if you are a small or medium company looking for a scalable and flexible system with the ability to quickly process data.

Dynamics 365 F&O (AX) fits larger enterprises with complex operational and manufacturing processes. If your business operates in the public sector or the manufacturing industry, this is your best option, since it includes comprehensive modules for production and logistics.

Infrastructure Requirements

Traditional ERP systems such as NAV and AX require a more significant investment in server infrastructure, which can be mitigated by choosing the latest cloud-hosted versions, Business Central and Finance & Operations.

However, keep in mind that Business Central will require fewer resources than the more demanding F&O setup, although both options save substantial costs with hardware setup, IT maintenance and user training while increasing system efficiency and agility.

Interface and Usability

Both Dynamics 365 ERP solutions have a user-friendly interface similar to the standard Microsoft products.

As expected, Business Central will be more convenient and more comfortable to use by start-ups, small business users and accountants, for example, while the more complex F&O interface may be more valuable to more proficient users and financial analysts.

Pricing and Licensing

When it comes to cost, both ERP systems are very competitive, although licensing costs for Dynamics 365 F&O tend to be slightly higher, given its more extensive configuration.

Your business can choose from different pricing levels, depending on specific functionality and industry requirements, which may lower or increase the final licensing costs. Click here to view the different pricing levels for Dynamics 365.

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