Get the Right CRM System for Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing has become a requirement for customer relationship management and marketing success. However, it needs to be backed up by a capable CRM system and supply chain management to produce the desired ROI. Here’s why.

Companies are now engaging with customers via more varied and different platforms than ever before, creating product awareness, extending their reach to previously untapped markets and creating new opportunities for business. Multichannel marketing is ideal for creating and spreading awareness in your market.

Your entire business should be ready to support multichannel marketing for it to be a success. Firstly, you need to deliver the right message to the right audience, wherever the audience may be receptive of your marketing, on digital channels and social media, where you need to send targeted messages that get results.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales helps sell effectively by providing the insight, guidance and tools salespeople need to build repeatable processes, focus on the right customers, and win faster by collaborating with colleagues.

With so many options available to the customers, the marketing message has to be consistent across all channels. It means coordinated branding and campaigns that work across various channels seamlessly, without alienating customers with conflicting messages.

Multichannel marketing also needs to leverage measurement controls to determine the most engaging platforms that delivered results, such as successful leads and conversions. Each channel specifications and messaging can be updated to produce improved results without losing the overall campaign consistency.

Your CRM, marketing and sales systems should support multichannel marketing and coordinate seamlessly by integrating all relevant customer and campaign data. Siloed marketing efforts and uncoordinated systems are not going to support or leverage multichannel marketing to produce results.

The answer to effective multichannel marketing is to maintain a single view of the customer and ensure consistent customer experience across all channels. It requires an integrated CRM solution that unifies all business components and client data into a reliable customer-centred platform that leverages business intelligence and data analytics.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers your sales and marketing teams to plan, execute, and measure marketing campaigns seamlessly, build sales pipelines faster and engage more customers across multiple channels, by leveraging cost-effective cloud solutions, Office productivity tools and Power BI business intelligence.

Transform your business with an accessible, flexible, fast and user-friendly CRM solution.