Tech Challenges for SMEs – Integration and Automation

Most small businesses will consider accounting, financial or CRM software to manage their finances and sales. However, the problem arises where these systems operate in silos, leading to fragmented data, process duplication and errors across the business.

If this sounds like your business, it’s time to shift to a single, comprehensive solution to manage finances, operations, sales and better customer service.

Unify and automate your workflows 

Running your business on a unified business management platform provides you with a 360 degrees overview of everything that happens in your business. Firstly, you can merge all your critical data, productivity tasks and workflows from multiple sources into one central data repository, improving data management. You don’t have to work in silos anymore.

Next, you can automate operations from accounting and customer service to supply chain and product distribution, eliminating those manual and time-consuming tasks such as batch invoicing, inventory management or data capturing. The automation of daily processes saves significant time and money, allowing your team to focus on more strategic decisions.

Tip: Choose a user-friendly and intuitive platform to automate tasks and workflows and boost productivity. For example, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central leverages familiar Office tools like Outlook, Word, and Excel. The all-in-one management platform uses the framework and performance of legacy Dynamics NAV to simplify and automate all business operations in the cloud.

Optimise and scale operations 

Once you start managing your operations from a centralised business management platform, you will find it easier to review, optimise and improve specific processes as your company evolves. Also, through integration with other apps, data analytics and business intelligence technologies, you can extract valuable insights to optimise workflows and improve decision-making even further.

Tip: Invest in an affordable and flexible platform that grows with your evolving business needs and budgets. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central was designed for SMEs to streamline their critical business processes, integrating finance, supply chain management, CRM, HR, and project management. Depending on the industry requirements, the solution can be enhanced with retail, service and production/manufacturing.

Transform your business with an accessible, flexible, fast and user-friendly ERP solution. 

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