Best Management Practices for Multi-Cloud Adoption

When enterprises migrate to a multi-cloud infrastructure migration, the journey is not without challenges.

A recent survey from MIT Technology Review Custom and VMware asked businesses around the world to discuss their learning curve in the multi-cloud adoption process with unexpected findings.

According to VMware’s cloud management business unit, organisations adopting multi-cloud environments tend to anticipate technical issues, but companies tend to struggle most with changes to staff, policies, and management disrupted by the multi-cloud implementation.

The people and process management challenge reflects the transformative nature of the cloud. Companies will have to restructure their project management process to accommodate the cloud-first strategy and involve every level of the organisation, not just the IT department.

VMware recommends a series of best practices to make the cloud adoption process easier:

  • Create ONE team. Start a cloud team with a mix of internal IT and external cloud sources, and designate a channel for cloud-related issues.
  • Lead from the TOP. Get the urgent buy-in of the top leadership to implement people and process changes.
  • Automate IT services. Use APIs to create an automated, self-service portal that provides a single catalogue of IT services.
  • Centralise funding. Cloud adoption can alter CapEx and OpEx gearing ratios and may require new budgeting across offices, divisions, and business units.
  • Measure scale. Create a way to measure scale and provide comparable data by implementing a standard baseline for comparison purposes.

The benefits of multi-cloud adoption, speed, agility, efficiency and innovation far outweigh the more complex implementation. Organisations should navigate the transformative process with comprehensive planning that includes management change policies.

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