Enterprise Challenges in the Multi-cloud Management Journey

While enterprises continue to adopt public, hybrid, and multi-cloud technology to pursue innovation and agility, new challenges are revealed mostly due to the complexity of the multi-cloud ecosystem. Add the increasing SaaS products and cloud services deployed daily, and you get the picture.

How can enterprises ensure regular efficiency and proper management of their multi-cloud operations?

The first step is to acknowledge that the multi-cloud journey requires a rapid shift in architecture. This significant change poses numerous risks – especially when it comes to cloud-scale, network maintenance, and expanding cloud services portfolios.

Next, it is essential to adopt centralised multi-cloud management infrastructure to mitigate any of the risks mentioned above. According to VMware’s CTO, successful enterprises on the multi-cloud journey usually go through these four phases, experiencing different trials as they progress:

Affordability and Accessibility. When enterprises join the multi-cloud journey, it’s almost always due to resources accessibility, cloud speed, low network downtime and ROI.

Multi-cloud offers the possibility to easily switch between workloads according to business requirement, thus minimising downtime. Enterprises only pay for what resources they use, saving on IT infrastructure costs, server maintenance, patching and upgrading.

Governance and Security. As enterprises build their cloud infrastructure to accommodate their financial and operational demands, security, data protection and privacy become paramount. An internationally recognised multi-cloud ecosystem ensures best governance and alignment with worldwide security standards.

Centralisation and automation. Once the foundations of cloud management are in place, enterprises need to overcome the challenges of multiple disconnected environments. Simplify the multi-cloud ecosystem to prepare for effortless scalability.

Scalability and Service Integration. The next phase in the cloud management journey focuses on the efficiency of multiple SaaS integrations to give all programs and applications the possibility to scale with the cloud for increased performance and agility.

The journey to multi-cloud success relies on the ability to build a strong foundation while receiving support from a cloud vendor that understands enterprise challenges and can assist with cloud deployment and expansion.

VMware’s cloud technologies assist organisations to leverage secure VMware hybrid clouds and native public clouds for increased agility, accelerated innovation, and optimised costs.

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