Get Secure Cloud Storage with OneDrive for Business

Microsoft’s default cloud storage application OneDrive is an integral part of Windows 10 apps. If you are a business owner, however, you may want to consider OneDrive for Business, whose additional features are only open to Office 365 subscribers. Here’s why it makes sense to get that subscription.

Do you need unlimited storage? 

OneDrive offers essential cloud storage – the default 1TB storage – for the most common file types and documents for Windows 10 users. You can access OneDrive by signing in with a free Microsoft account.

Files stored on the local hard drive in the OneDrive directory are copied automatically to the cloud, which creates a reliable cloud back-up. The data stored in the cloud is accessible any time once the user is connected and provides a valid login.

One Drive for Business is a better cloud storage option if you want to leverage additional features essential for business productivity and collaboration, and access from 1 TB to unlimited storage depending on your subscription plan (from basic to business premium).

For Office 365 subscribers, OneDrive for Business is the default cloud storage system, with variations in features according to your chosen subscription level. Go for the business premium licensing if you are usually processing large files and need unlimited storage. You can log in to OneDrive for Business with your Office 365 credentials.

Do you need more secure access?

OneDrive for Business has the significant advantage of more secure data and stronger authorisation process when users access files remotely from different devices, thanks to enforced security provided by the Office 365 subscription.

If you rely on a mobile or remote workforce, an Office 365 subscription offers that flexibility without compromising security when accessing and sharing documents. Files can only be accessed via a web browser or using another device if the user enters the correct login credentials to access the system.

Accessing OneDrive on a different mobile device activates a synchronisation between the files stored in the cloud and the local hard drive, ensuring the cloud back-up matches the local documents. The process guarantees that, whenever a device is connected to OneDrive, users view the same version of the data and file activity.

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