5 Benefits of Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage

For Windows 10 and Office 365 users, using the default cloud storage OneDrive and OneDrive for Business has more benefits than storing documents in the cloud. The cloud storage app adds several notable advantages to the user experience.

  1. Remote access from any device

Cloud storage offers the convenience of flexibility and mobility – essential if your business employs remote workforce or oversees data across multiple locations. All files saved and uploaded to the cloud become immediately available to all synchronised devices with the OneDrive app – laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Accessing OneDrive on a different device than the original activates a synchronisation sequence that ensures the cloud storage matches the files stored on the local hard drive. All devices connected to OneDrive will have the same accurate version of your data.

  1. Automatic file back-up 

When files are automatically uploaded to the cloud, this creates a reliable back-up that can be restored any time. Use the AutoSave feature in OneDrive for Business to ensure continuous file uploading, even as the files are modified in the meantime.

  1. Offline access for editing

If your devices are not connected, OneDrive allows your team to be still able to access and edit files while offline, since documents are downloaded from the cloud to local hard drives. These documents will be then uploaded and stored as the devices go back online.

  1. Document sharing and collaboration 

Users can also share files or folders with their team, depending on the permission granted. Shared documents can also be edited instantly, enforcing team collaboration. OneDrive for Business users may access files simultaneously for collaboration purposes.

  1. User authentication 

All files that contain sensitive data can be designated to a Personal Vault where information is protected by identity verification such as dual authentication protocols, fingerprint access or face recognition. Additional security protocols ensure that only authorised personnel can access these files.

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