One of the first things newly appointment mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba, said after being voted in at the end of August 2016 was that his first order of business would be to address job creation. More specifically, his words were: “Small businesses, you will be my biggest friends.”

This comes as a relief for small business owners, as the life of an entrepreneur is not always an easy one.

Owning a small business comes with a number of pain points. Having the right business management solution in place can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making a success of your business.

Let’s look at the top three small business management pain points and how they can be cured.

Not enough time: Because smaller businesses have fewer resources, especially when it comes to human resources, there are fewer people to do the basics and the staff, especially the owners, are often overburdened.

Solution: Having the right business management systems in place will help you as a small business owner to be more organised. Automate the processes which can free up valuable employee time. The Dynamics NAV business solution covers everything from accounting and cash flow management to sales, production and supply chain.

Lack of readily available capital: Regardless of how big your plans for your business are, you still need capital to make those ideas work. And capital is rarely readily available to entrepreneurs.

Solution: You need a business management system that will allow you to streamline expenses, manage your cash flow and make sure you aren’t spending money in unnecessary places. Implementing the Dynamics NAV solution will make all these easy to achieve as it has a tried and tested formula for small business management solutions.

Finding the right employees: Your business is small and so is your staff complement. You cannot afford anyone not bringing their A game. There is no capacity for deadwood. On top of that, you cannot compete with bigger companies’ recruitment budgets or the kind of salaries they offer star employees.

Solution: The right business management solution will allow you instant insight into your business’ metrics, so you’ll know exactly who you need in which positions. As you become more productive, you can appoint fewer people which allows for higher salaries. Automating business processes will leave more time for employees to do creative and innovative work, leading to greater job satisfaction and improved loyalty. Your company will grow faster and therefore sooner get to a point where you become a choice employer: big enough to have career growth and job satisfaction yet small enough for people to enjoy a company culture where people are like family and they feel they can really make a difference.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is complete, familiar and trusted. This business management solution delivers the tools to manage your business and help your people achieve more. Strategix is a preferred Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation partner who can assist your business and take to you the top.