The Power of Server Virtualisation for Business Networks

Virtualisation is not new – and various enterprises understand that running virtual servers and software can assist them to get the most out of their IT infrastructure and business networks.

Running virtual servers can help create a more efficient IT infrastructure. With server virtualisation, organisations can store their resources into multiple virtual machines instead of one physical server. Each virtual server appears as if it is its machine with built-in support for its own operating systems and apps.

By splitting its compute and storage resources into multiple virtual machines, server virtualisation creates a more streamlined and efficient infrastructure. Multiple servers can then be used to run various workloads, from specific applications and tasks to virtual desktops.

Running multiple servers helps tap into the full capabilities of the network’s server since most servers do not make full use of their computing power – but using multiple virtual servers means that businesses can finally maximise the power and resources of their network infrastructure.

Multiple virtual servers can be run off a single server or rack, instead of separate servers or dedicated app servers, reducing the number of servers business needs to run and host all those applications, hence significantly decreasing hardware costs.

A reduction in servers also means less hardware to update and maintain, less energy and costs of cooling and powering servers, and mitigating resources and IT teams to more strategic efforts in the business.

For companies in growing stages and fast markets, server virtualisation makes it easy to cope with growth or fluctuation in business operations without large investments in physical hardware.

Furthermore, since virtual servers make use of integrated storage across the virtual network, data backup and recovery can be more reliable and easily managed as information is not separated out onto different physical server machines.

Making use of virtual servers can ensure a company grows its operations, maximises its resources to its best capabilities, and keeps profitable in the face of increasing economic challenges and shrinking budgets.

Does your IT infrastructure provide the scalability and performance your business requires?

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