3 Reasons to Advance Now to Manufacturing 4.0

The manufacturing industry has been on the frontline of rapid advancements in technology in the last decade, with organisations having to embrace digital transformation and optimise operations to satisfy increasing market demands. Here is why your manufacturing business should take notice to evolve or risk getting left behind.

1. Connect Business Operations

The need for connected operations and integrated enterprise resource planning that oversees all aspects of the enterprise – from production and finances to logistics and customer service – is more important than ever.

Manufacturing organisations need to implement an integrated ERP system to adapt accordingly to the market needs and improve the speed of doing business through connected operations, or risk being outpaced by competitors.

2. Manage Smart Data

The proliferation of smart sensors is changing R&D and operations, providing manufacturers with massive amounts of data that presents both a great risk and a great opportunity. Managing smart data using the latest technologies becomes imperative for manufacturers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a major impact on manufacturing, giving manufacturers more visibility into their operations, enabling predictive maintenance on their machines, and allowing them to provide remote support to their customers through the use of smart data.

3. Accelerate Product Innovation

Nowadays customers expect accelerated innovation, new product releases, and products customised to their individual needs. The tolerance for error is slim, and the speed of service and delivery matters in fast-paced markets.

As customers become more demanding and expect faster rates of innovation, manufacturers face the challenge of speeding operations and increasing production output without compromising on quality and customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition, assists manufacturers to accelerate product manufacturing, create more agile processes, maximise the use of resources, optimise operations, and deliver more intelligent order fulfilment and overall customer excellence.

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