3 Reasons to Power Up Dynamics NAV with Expensify Integration


Expensify can be a great nifty addition to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s financial planning capabilities. Strategix has made it even easier to integrate the popular expense reporting tool with your existing NAV infrastructure, through a complete ISV solution that takes your expense management to the next level – all within Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

1. Automated Entries and Updates

Dedicated solely to a company’s expense management and reporting processes, Expensify automates every step in the reporting process, including receipt scanning and uploading, invoicing and reimbursing according to your company policy.

Strategix’s custom developed NAV integration with Expensify takes the load off managing your expenses, by automatically saving these into NAV, eliminating the need for printing. The process is automated and seamless.
Due to the swift integration, categories and tags are easily interchangeable between Expensify and Dynamics NAV, enabling automatic updates of entries and posted documents, with the additional benefit of comprehensive PDF expense reports provided by Expensify.

Furthermore, all expenses uploaded into Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be easily transferred to departments like Payroll for seamless reimbursement. Having the data capturing process and receipt entries diligently automated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV via Expensify makes sense.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials is a global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that provides small and midsize businesses greater control over their financials and can simplify their supply chain, manufacturing, and operations. It’s quick to implement and easy to use, with the power to support your growth ambition.


2. Multi-stage Workflow Reporting and Advanced Approval

The Expensify-NAV integration not only provides an accurate snapshot of your company’s expenses management, its advanced reporting approval method and workflow automation are worth mentioning.
The solution utilises Smart Scan technology to capture receipts and translate these into expenses, which are easily lodged into the system for future approval. The approved expenses reports serve as incoming documents in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ledger accounts and form the basis for financial accountability.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a complex ERP tool. Any automatic process that speeds approval and multi-stage activities, such as an intricate approval process involving a hierarchy of direct and project managers, is a welcome addition.
An advanced Expensify-NAV integration that supports automation between expense management and financial reporting increases productivity and saves considerable time, while decreasing costs and eliminating inefficiencies.

3. Mobility, Versatility and Powerful Tool Integration

Another benefit of Expensify integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the user-friendliness and swift support for both web-based (Windows/Linux) and mobile (Android and iOS Mobile), as well as the further integration with other apps and software such as UBER or Snap Scan.

In short, wherever Microsoft Dynamics NAV might not offer the same platform flexibility when it comes to expense reporting, a well-executed integration with Expensify covers and automates the main entry points of receipt capturing – quick and effortless.

The above considerations provides your enterprise a good traction in the market, particularly where digital transformation and mobility are essential.

An advanced Expensify-Dynamics NAV integration leverages automatic sync features, real-time reporting and document importing, making it a viable solution at enterprise level when combined with business intelligence analytics and advanced forecasting.

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