4 Key Factors for Digital Workspace Success

Organisations that have started the move towards a digital workspace enjoy business, operational, and financial benefits according to the VMware state of the Digital Workspace report.

Companies today realise that they must rethink their traditional approaches to application delivery and management if they want to stay relevant in an ever changing digital landscape however there are still a few factors keeping business from digital success.

To help you overcome these issues we will share four key factors to digital workspace success courtesy of the VMware state of the Digital Workspace report.

Invest in user education

If the employees expected to operate within your organisation’s new digital workspace don’t know how to effectively use the system how can your transition be successful? Investing in user education before implementing new software is absolutely essential. You will need the full buy in of your staff if you want to reap the operational and financial benefits of moving to a digital workspace.

Weigh strategic gains higher than cost savings

Cost savings are always great for any organisation but when that is all you care about you tend to neglect more important matters. While the financial benefits of digitising your workspace cannot be ignored the strategic gains you will receive are worth much more which is why you should remember to weigh these higher.

Establish a business mobility centre of excellence

With mobile so high on everyone’s agenda you can’t afford to leave your organisation’s mobile needs in the hands of a few members of your IT department. The solution? A business mobility centre of excellence. A Mobile Centre of Excellence offers a framework for enterprises to organise, manage and distribute their mobile enterprise solutions and initiatives. They can help develop and distribute internal mobile as well as external apps for customers and clients. They would help the IT department with security and Bring Your Own Device issues, help implement infrastructure and cloud solutions for apps and generally serve as the nerve centre for everything mobile in the enterprise.

Factor in time to assess and properly deploy

Ensure that you research and assess your potential virtualisation solutions thoroughly. As much as getting your new digital workspace up and running as soon as possible seems exciting its essential that you set aside time to deploy your software solution correctly. This will reduce the likelihood of issues down the line.