7 Popular Applications of the USSD Technology

You are probably familiar with the menu of options you encounter when dialling a specific number on your cell phone to buy airtime or purchase data bundles from your mobile network provider. The technology behind it, USSD, has a variety of applications.

USSD, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is a GSM communication technology that facilitates the message exchanges between a mobile device and the network’s operating computer or the main application program.

The USSD technology enables a simple browsing experience through a menu system on your mobile device with real-time network connections.

This real-time connection is what makes the USSD technology different from SMS. There is a two-way communication of information when the communication line stays open.

It is why users receive an instant reply message and the reason why the technology is suitable for mobile chatting setups and many other applications.

Here are some examples of how Strategix can assist your organisation to integrate USSD technology to benefit their customers.

  1. Mobile banking. Unlike banking apps and online banking alternatives that require internet access and smartphone functionality, USSD banking can work on any mobile device including feature phones at a minimal cost. Click here to read more.
  2. Network configuration and requests. USSD is widely used to configure a user’s mobile device on the network, besides providing a menu of service options users can choose from to purchase airtime, data, or request account balances.
  3. Customer update requests. USSD technology can integrate with your ERP/CRM systems to request updated customer information, no matter the industry. As a result, it promotes data accuracy and better customer service.
  4. Marketing Surveys. USSD is the ideal platform for mobile marketing. Companies can send basic marketing surveys and questionnaires that can be immediately answered by users, providing customer feedback cost-effectively and reliably.
  5. Callback services. USSD is a preferred way of communication for service companies such as financial service providers and insurance companies to gauge the interest of customers by offering the choice to request callbacks after presenting their offers.
  6. Order confirmations. USSD is extensively used by product shipping suppliers, e.g., takeaway menu and food delivery providers, to enable two-way communication between customers placing orders and confirmation of the shipped product.
  7. Coupons and vouchers. USSD is the ideal gateway for retailers to communicate special offers to customers and send coupons and vouchers for next payment purchases.

USSD is a cost-effective, and easy way of communicating with your customers. Strategix provides USSD solutions according to your business requirements by creating a mobile-based menu driven application customised to your needs. We can assist with development, deployment, reports and testing.