Are You Ready to Move to Connected Field Service?

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Leveraging connected field service models allows field service organisations (FSO) and its technicians to monitor equipment remotely, diagnose, troubleshoot and intervene fast to make the necessary repairs and reduce downtime and costs significantly.

Implementing the connected field service network requires the transition from traditional field service management (FSM) to a cloud-enabled, IoT technology-powered environment with sensors that automatically transmit vital information regarding equipment status.

Luckily the process can be easily implemented in stages, and enterprises can decide if the transition to connected field service is worth the move by looking at a few key considerations:

Improvements in Field Service Management

If your FSO is currently using a traditional Field Service Management (FSM) system, introducing connected field service will assist your current software to improve its key metrics and address problems proactively and faster by monitoring devices and staff remotely.

Further benefits include the automatic capture of data concerning maintenance and repairs, optimised scheduling and dispatching of technicians, speedy identification of faults and prevention of breakdowns.

A connected FSM system will result in better customer satisfaction, reduced downtime, and cost efficiencies with fix-rates.

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Strategix cloud hosting solutions provides several attractive benefits for your company by enabling you to consume computer resources as a utility – just like electricity – rather than having to build and maintain IT infrastructures on-premise.  Extending into the cloud should expand your options without adding complexity allowing you to meet changing business needs with greater flexibility.


Efficiency of Field Technicians

By leveraging connected field service, your FSO can improve the field technicians’ efficiency while on-site through the use of sensors placed on client equipment. Improved technician productivity is directly related to better overall customer satisfaction.

The data mined from the connected sensor eliminates the need for the initial on-site diagnostics. The field technician will receive critical data before site arrival and will be informed of the status of the malfunctioning equipment and what needs to be done.

The above eliminates the need for costly repair appointments, and the time can be used for analysis, recommendations, customer feedback, and even additional services opportunities to grow revenue.

Trends in Technology Adoption 

Connected field service presents an end-to-end solution for managing work orders and field technicians digitally.

If your FSO has shifted its focus to automated and optimised processes by using cloud-enabled services for its CRM or ERP platform, for example, integrating connected field service is the next step in your business application management.

The rapid advancement of cloud-based technologies, e.g. IoT and the growth rate of technology solutions adoption among enterprises is a positive indicator for your FSO to make the transition to connected field service.

In conclusion, connected field service will assist your FSO to achieve higher customer satisfaction and higher first-time fix rates, as well as increase technician productivity. It can even help your business create new revenue streams focused on service.

Does your IT infrastructure provide the scalability, security, and performance your business requires?

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