Best 2017 Business Features in Office 365

Office 365 subscribers regularly get new and improved features, based on customer feedback and requests.

Office 365 upgrades for the 2017 version add extra capabilities to teamwork and collaboration, interactivity and mobility features.

Below are our favourite 2017 additions.

Office 365 Groups Updates

Office 365’s collaboration tool, available on business and enterprise plans, makes it easier for organisations to select people and collaborate with them on various projects without having to manage complex individual permissions.

Same group users have access to shared inboxes, documents, calendars, OneNote notebooks and SharePoint team planners for project management use.

New features added to Groups include more leeway to manage collaboration on the admin side, granting guest access to people outside the organisation and the enforcement of additional rules and regulations (such as limiting the creation of new groups to specific people or adding rules based on labels).

Outlook Customer Manager Upgrades

Through Outlook Customer Manager, organisations have a comprehensive view of customer information, including contacts, emails, calls, notes, tasks and reminders.

One desirable function is, for example, the ability to scan email content and translate customer communication into actionable reminders on the calendar.

The latest 2017 version improves workflow management by integrating the Outlook tool with Microsoft Flow, Bing and Cortana.

Furthermore, the functionality of Outlook Customer Manager extends to all Office 365 premium users, the web-based Outlook email client and its mobile Outlook iOS app.

Microsoft To-Do

The addition of To-Do, also accessible via mobile, gives organisations the ability to improve productivity and manage tasks more efficiently.

Users can write reminders, notes, lists and assign due dates to items. The added colour-code feature makes it easier to integrate and maintain both personal and business tasks on one platform.

The task management tool also includes a Suggestions section that aggregates To-Do items from various lists and prioritises tasks via an intelligent algorithm, in case the user doesn’t want to employ the manual option to select most important tasks for each day.

Microsoft Stream

The business-focused video management service, Office 365 Video benefits from a major upgrade. The tool helps organisations to upload, collect and share videos in a secure environment.

The replacement for Office 365 video, Microsoft Stream introduces more video features and better control over user and channel permissions.

Latest upgrades enable business users to create sub-channels within groups, comment and like videos, and share videos via multiple platforms.