Boosting Data Centre Performance Through Network Optimisation

There is an increasing interest from data centre managers in software-defined virtualisation and network optimisation strategies to boost data centre performance. New research found that network efficiency optimisation is a top priority – exceeding the implementation of additional CPU and server power.

Network efficiency optimisation is a critical step in supporting high-power applications like artificial intelligence and big data analytics across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Network complexity needs performance improvements to process large amounts of data.

Improving data centre performance was carried in the past by deploying more servers with additional processing power. Technologies such as network virtualisation and advanced network interface cards have changed the game.

The key is to shift resources in the software-defined data centre in the most efficient way, for example through processor offloading, as opposed to a hardware-driven network restructuring.

These are the findings of the report ‘Untold Secrets of the Efficient Data Center,’ conducted by Futuriom, a research and analysis community focused on next-generation technologies, and based on the responses from data centre professionals from the US, the UK, and China.

The report lists network optimisation, cloud-scale performance, domain-specific processors and edge computing as favoured solutions to boost data centre efficiency. A closer look indicates an increased interest in improving the efficiency of VMs and containers, accelerating hyper-converged infrastructure, and enabling SDN.

Enterprises need to build their network infrastructure to support demanding applications and enable scalable cloud performance to leverage all that big data, analytics, AI and business intelligence. There is no other way to boost data centre efficiency.

Network optimisation is instrumental in delivering artificial intelligence and machine learning and ensuring highly efficient utilisation of servers in hyper-scale cloud operations.

Other benefits include faster application performance and reliability, greater network flexibility, low latency levels, stronger security, simplified resource provisioning and automated network management and monitoring.

Does your IT infrastructure provide the scalability and performance your business requires?

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