Business continuity in times of change

Communicating business continuity is essential, especially in times of significant change or crisis. It is for this reason business continuity has become such a hot topic during the current pandemic. As many people may have noticed, your emails and social feeds have probably been filled with companies informing you about the specific strategies they have implemented during this outbreak of COVID-19. This is their business continuity messaging that is filling your inboxes and feeds and is a vital step for any business to make during times of change and uncertainty.

Here are some tips for creating effective business continuity messaging during a crisis:

Have a foundational message

Businesses need to ensure that throughout the crisis, there is a common message in all of their communication. It can be a simple message. For example, many businesses have adopted variations of a ‘stronger apart’ message during this crisis. However, the message does not have to be simple or generic; it can be more business-centric if appropriate. The main aspect you need to be aware of is that your core message needs to be apparent throughout all your communications.

Be adaptable

As has been demonstrated during our current crisis, things change quickly. Around the globe, millions of people went from ‘business as usual’ to being confined in their homes within days. These fast changes mean that businesses have to be able to adapt their business continuity plan in case a change makes their strategy obsolete. Therefore, your business plans need to be able to evolve alongside the ever-changing news headlines and health regulations.

Be transparent

Industry jargon and buzzwords should never be used in business continuity messages. As these messages are critical in times of crisis, they need to be understood easily, direct and clear so that everyone is able to understand the message conveyed. It is also vital for these communications to feel genuine. Therefore it is an idea to mention that the business acknowledges that these are difficult times for everyone and the company will do everything in its power to help its customers. It is also okay for companies to admit that they don’t have all the answers yet as this help make the message feel more human and genuine. During these times of change and crisis, being transparent and genuine are especially important.

Utilise a business continuity software

Microsoft 365 is a prime example of a software that is able to assist companies with their business continuity plan during, but not limited to, times of change and crisis. By utilising Microsoft 365, your business continuity plane requirements will be supported throughout this difficult time.

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