Cloud Evolution: From Data Hosting to Intelligence and PaaS

Cloud technology has shifted over the past years from providing better data storage, connectivity, collaboration and convenience to changing workflows that enable business owners to become more efficient and take better decisions.

Technologies such as data analytics, BI, IoT and AI have been instrumental in streamlining business processes in the cloud, and an added incentive for organisations transitioning to cloud-based services. The latest buzzwords in the cloud environment are all about intelligent platforms, data analytics and PaaS (platform-as-a-service).

AI Platforms

Cloud-based business intelligence tools have become faster and more effective with the integration of AI. Companies can leverage Big Data processing and data extractions, automate routine tasks, prevent data duplications and reduce costs as a result.

The cloud environment has been at the forefront of AI and BI technology adoption, with data analytics cloud services set to become mainstream in the near future. More companies are going to rely on the cloud for intelligent data processing and predictive analytics as opposed to on-premises solutions.

Edge Computing

The increased use of IoT devices at the industry-level means an uptake in edge computing, which translates into processing data at the edge of the network. Edge computing allows businesses to capture the constant data flow from IoT devices for real-time data analysis. Leveraging IoT data analytics would not be possible without edge computing.


Developing and launching various business applications in the cloud is made easier with platform-based cloud computing services. Platform as a service (PaaS) allows organisations to run and manage applications without the complexity of setting up the infrastructure or server typically required in this case.

Building on the PaaS technology, serverless computing is gaining popularity as organisations require already-configured PaaS with a helpful range of tools for data management and application design from their cloud providers, shifting the process to the cloud with basically no physical infrastructure and predetermined resources.

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