Connect Dynamics 365 with Data-driven Customer Insights

In a digital era where AI-driven customer data is a definite business competitive advantage, Microsoft created Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to unify and analyse all customer data across every resource, backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Below are three reasons to connect your Dynamics 365 sales and marketing applications with the Customer Insights data platform.

Rely on a single, powerful customer data platform

Your organisation needs constant access to customer data to understand customer behaviour and anticipate future sales opportunities. Having all this data ready at a glance and up to date is a significant plus to make every day faster and better business decisions.

Customer Insights provides a unified customer data platform with a single view of real-time customer data aggregated from multiple integrated sources. Think of all the customer data one can possibly derive from transactional sales, advertising campaigns, email marketing, product reviews and social media feeds.

Leverage AI integration for future customer gains

Imagine your business can maximise customer lifetime value, discover new untapped audience segments or predict the next best product recommendations for your market. All these outcomes are possible with Customer Insights’ integration of AI and ML patterns.

The enterprise-grade CDP is built for high-speed processing (thanks to Microsoft Azure cloud) to provide AI-based recommendations about your target audience, market trends, and customer feedback. The prebuilt connectivity with intelligence tools such as Power Platform (Power BI analytics) or Microsoft Graph helps you dig deeper into customer data.

Personalise the customer experience

Every time a customer interacts with your business, this interaction leaves digital footprints. Here lies the holy grail of customer engagement: personalising the experience according to individual preferences. Data-driven customer experiences rely on the accurate profiling of each customer, from average sales spending to buying interests.

Customer Insights employs ML templates to predict next customer interests, analyse social sentiment or come up with the best product recommendations. This way, your business can unlock new customer information and ultimately provide a better, more individualised customer experience based on real-time data feedback.

These are some of the advantages of using Customer Insights for your Dynamics 365 solutions. Speak to our Strategix consultants for more information.

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