The latest AI-enabled applications in Dynamics 365 include the customer-centric side of the business, specifically Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Insights. In this blog, we focus on the AI enhancement designed for the Dynamics 365 Market Insights application.

While the Customer Service Insights app pulls and analyses data related to internal customer service activities specific to the organisation, the Market Insight application has a broader spectrum beneficial for sales and marketing.

Enterprises can use the application as a valuable tool to identify growing demand for its products and services, analyse the general perception of the brand in the marketplace, and make more informed decisions based on product activity in particular markets.

The AI functionality in Market Insights is essential to gain access to all external brand-related activities to collect and peruse data from online sources, search engines and social networks. This information is necessary to understand the customer better and to optimise marketing activities accordingly to meet consumer demand.

Market Insights connects marketing teams automatically to popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) once account validation is done for each network. The app proceeds to browse for useful information connected to your brand.

It identifies the topics that are driving online conversation about your brand, important target market demographics such as age and location, as well as testimonials and criticism. The marketing department can then use this AI-generated information for reporting purposes, to adjust product campaigns, and to improve customer service.

The technology behind the algorithm is machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) that analyses data to extract keywords and determine the account user’s sentiment behind the message to the brand. For example, the application can successfully track mentions, shares, reposts and retweets centred around specific relevant keywords.

The ML functionality ensures that the system automatically searches and references prior keywords, eliminating time-consuming manual updates, and speeding up reporting. Also, ML techniques such as reinforced learning enable marketers to adjust results manually if needed. These amendments can then be considered, too, in future market analysis.

AI-enabled market analysis tools like Market Insights are the fastest and surest way to determine the consumer’s perception of brands in today’s ever-changing markets.

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