Drive more value from your SAP implementation with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Today, businesses are working hard to achieve a strong connection with employees, partners, suppliers and most importantly, with customers. If you have implemented SAP as your core ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you make the most of your investment by optimizing and connecting your operations, while maintaining the single source of enterprise business information that you benefit from with SAP.

Get the best of both worlds
Microsoft Dynamics AX has already helped many SAP customers realize tangible benefits:

Increased agility – With business solutions that allow fast configuration and reconfiguration and rapid deployment of new applications, your organization will be well positioned to support innovation and to capitalize on new opportunities without sacrificing visibility or transactional integrity.

Fast time to value – Microsoft Dynamics AX allows fast configuration (and reconfiguration) of business processes to help you launch new initiatives fast and to realize correspondingly rapid return on investment (ROI).

Happier, more productive users – A familiar, intuitive user interface and streamlined workflows minimize training and help ensure broad adoption of new solutions. Your people can be productive faster.

Lower total cost of ownership – Whether you extend your existing Microsoft licensing and support agreements or you choose a different licensing model, Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to benefit from a standardized platform that allows you to reuse your Microsoft technology stack and skills. This helps you reduce cost and effort associated with implementing and maintaining your business application.

Benefit from flexibility

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, enterprise organizations can enhance and extend their existing SAP implementation in several ways:

Consolidate applications – Improve end-to-end visibility of your operations, achieve higher levels of business agility, and help reduce costs by consolidating the disparate, stand-alone applications that currently surround your SAP implementation onto Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Rapidly on-boarding new lines of business – Support new subsidiaries, newly acquired companies, or new business initiatives with a powerful business application that offers an easy fit to business requirements that do not fit easily into the corporate ERP standard.

Manage specific business processes – Use Microsoft Dynamics AX to selectively manage the processes that have been too time consuming or costly to roll out in SAP or that don’t fit within the templates or industry best practices imposed by SAP. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a perfect fit for workloads that require increased agility, fast time to value, or improved usability.

Extend ERP to the entire enterprise – Embrace a full-fledged, two-tier ERP strategy, with SAP as your core administrative system and Microsoft Dynamics AX as a platform for operational ERP. Deliver ERP functionality to subsidiaries and business divisions, while maintaining central management of financials and core administrative processes.

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