Enterprise Security in an Ideal World

How should perfect enterprise security look like in our data-everywhere world? This was the premise of an interesting article recently shared within the VMware leadership community.

Enterprise security is perhaps the most important goal of organisations dealing with cloud data storage, connected networks, and privacy concerns. While achieving perfect security feels like a moving target, businesses can make a difference in enforcing network behaviour.

Know Your Data

In an ideal world, organisations have perfect knowledge of their data. They know where data is stored, where it sits in the cloud, which network transfers are happening, which data is encrypted, what sensitive data needs to be protected, and so on.

The key to failproof enterprise security starts with proper data management and the right tools to track, monitor and optimise it for use, performance and protection requirements. Identify data sensitivity and relevance to operations to build a strong security foundation.

Know Your People

Knowing who has access to your company’s data is vital to prevent any security incidents. In a perfect world, all data access requirements are mapped out and granted at individual and departmental level, and users interact and share data with the correct authorisation.

Know which data needs protected and determine the appropriate level of access to this data by including all stakeholders, from business and project teams to clients and partners. Enforce multi-levels of access for the most sensitive data and restrict access accordingly.

Know Your Business

Business is more than interacting with people and data. In an ideal ecosystem, companies factor the business environment, its challenges and potential risks in the security framework, and then proceed to build enterprise security into the organisation’s DNA.

Future-proof your data infrastructure. Think how legislation, audit requirements, strategic objectives and customer demands can affect enterprise security. For example, consider the impact of GDPR on customer data protection and privacy.

Becoming Data-aware

The network infrastructure of the future will be fully data-aware. It will interact with interfaces, systems and applications without needing to limit access to specific network services, apps, or users.

Already, machine learning (ML)-based security tools are being developed to act as connections between enterprise resources, people, applications, and servers. These tools will be able to optimise and control system behaviour and data access.

Does your IT infrastructure provide the scalability and performance your business requires?

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