Forbes Insights Cybersecurity Strategy: Trailblazer or Laggard?

Cybersecurity strategy must be intrinsic across all levels of business, from technology to processes to people to culture. A report on Cybersecurity from Forbes Insights looked at key insights into enterprise security today based on a survey of 1001 global enterprises.

Businesses need to evolve their cybersecurity strategies to counteract the growing online threats in volume and sophistication, support their digital innovation efforts, and protect both their data and brand reputation.

Trailblazers versus Laggards

However, cybersecurity should not be seen as a siloed event. Organisations should deliver security across every component of their business, from the edge to the app and from the cloud to the data centre, if they want to see better results.

Sadly, according to the Forbes Insights survey, only 10% of the surveyed enterprises, considered by the report “trailblazers,” could claim an enterprise-wide security strategy that fully supported business goals and an improved customer experience.

The Forbes Insights survey insights found a surprising connection between security strategies and company growth. The trailblazers were ten times more likely to be among the top fastest-growing companies worldwide. For example, 41% reported annual growth rates exceeding 20%, compared to only 4% of the lagging counterparts, namely ‘laggards.’

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Trailblazers focus on inclusive cybersecurity to achieve their business goals. The study found that 95% of the so-called trailblazers integrate security into their infrastructures from the beginning, while 68% integrate security via continuous expansion and system scalability.

The security areas of concern for most enterprises include the detection and identification of cyberattacks, but reducing the attack surface is fast becoming an investment priority for companies invested in built-in security.

However, there are still challenges faced by most visionary companies. Budgets remain a leading concern (47%), followed by the difficulty of managing remote devices and apps (43%), implementing an integrative strategy (42%), and the need for stronger policy guidelines (41%). By comparison, only 10% of laggards reported the issue of managing out-of-reach apps and devices.

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