How Can Dynamics 365 Talent Management Improve Your Organisation?

The Talent Management module in Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 helps organisations structure and streamline their HR and employee management processes. Below we explore a few key features of Dynamics Talent Management, from performance reviews to skills development.

Set Talent Management Goals

Dynamics 365 Talent Management enables companies to create, access and update digital personnel files. Aside from employee personal data input, management can set individual goals for each employee which can be later use during the performance review process.

The goals can represent specific action or skills, training results or education achievements, and can be assigned deadlines. These goals can be easily accessed at all times, and it is possible to check up progress regularly.

Goals are automatically transferred into the employee’s digital personnel file. The use of pre-defined goal selection via a drop-down menu streamlines the process even further.

Track Employee Skills Development

With Talent Management, employers can address skills development and skills gaps within their teams, by correctly identifying and rectifying skills deficits, and assigning the relevant training.

Organisations can view and track employee skills development at a glance and directly from digital personnel files, set the required skills, compare the actual skills performance with the desired result via charts, and register employees for the necessary training.

Implement Performance Reviews

Dynamics 365’s Talent Management supports the implementation of performance reviews based on every employees’individual goals automatically added to the system. Employees can see their scorecard via a Self-Service portal and in their email client Outlook.

The performance review process is made simple and transparent across the organisation through the use of shareable templates, and automatic data transfers and follow-ups.

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