Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace for threaded and consistent private and group messaging, online meetings, web conferencing and calling. Additionally, the team can collaborate on documents and files created on Microsoft 365 apps or third-party apps. Of course, these conversations and documents are confidential – which is why Microsoft created an end-to-end security system, with administration control and compliance.


Meeting requests on one platform, with information for the meeting on another, and then needing to contact your employees urgently on another app can cause miscommunication and just overall chaos in an organisation. Microsoft Teams was created because of exactly this. All communication and all information is in one place – having several tabs open constantly is no longer necessary.

The organisation of the files, documents and communication eliminates distraction by seeing other emails from clients or employees about separate topics, or seeing other documents you ‘just want to look over’, instead of prioritising work according to deadlines. Additionally, any changes you make to the document you are working on with your team are updated in real-time – you no longer have to email the document through and worry that your colleague or client received it.

Internal functioning is pivotal to the success and efficiency of your business and team. The best way to ensure that your internal functioning is the best it can be is transparency. Transparency is built through providing all information to all employees, to keeping everybody in the loop constantly, but this is extremely difficult to ensure every single day. This is another place that Microsoft Teams is a saving grace – you upload your work, send a message to your team informing them – and that is that, you have created transparency.

Lastly, Microsoft Teams is cloud-based, meaning that all your information is available to any employee at any time, anywhere. There is no need to go and collect files from the office on weekends, or the problem of not being able to access information off-premise.

Microsoft Teams is an incredible platform for not only seamless and efficient work, but for team building as well. Strategix is a Microsoft partner and supplier of Microsoft Teams. Contact us today for more information.

Each department or each topic can have their own channel, making it an organised and effective platform.


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