Cloud hosting solutions usually involve a private or public cloud. Choosing between private and public cloud environments can prove difficult – you don’t want to mobilise and pay for additional resources, but you also want to leverage better performance and scalability.

When looking for a cloud solution, you should consider whether your business needs a dedicated data centre, if you have the resources and capacity for network maintenance, or if you need to be able to connect with clients from multiple locations worldwide.

When to choose the Private Cloud 

  • Your business needs a private network and its dedicated host server
  • You want full control over network administration and resource allocation
  • You have the internal resources to maintain a private cloud solution
  • You can absorb higher setup and maintenance costs
  • You can manage capacity and scalability issues

Traditional private cloud hosting uses infrastructure located remotely and solely dedicated to your business, meaning you are the only tenant that gets to control the private cloud environment. The exception is the virtual private cloud.

A virtual private cloud can be created within a multi-tenant public cloud environment and shared by various users. It means the network gets separated into private sub-networks, and you have access to one of these sub-networks.

When to leverage the Public Cloud

  • Your business needs greater flexibility and reliable on-demand computing
  • You aim for off-site data hosting to lower upfront infrastructure costs
  • You need to outsource server maintenance, updates and maintenance
  • You want to access a marketplace of different applications, e.g. AWS, Google Cloud
  • You can absorb any costs variations by managing fees closely

Public clouds are open to the general public and ideal if your business aims for a more cost-effective hosting solution in a multi-tenant environment. Public clouds reduce the need for internal network administration and manual upgrades, although security and compliance will largely depend on the public cloud infrastructure of your choice.

VMware’s cloud technologies assist organisations in leveraging VMware hybrid clouds and native public clouds for increased agility, accelerated innovation, and optimised costs.

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