Tech Challenges for SMEs – Cybersecurity and Data Recovery

Is your business prepared to counteract future cyber risks and protect its most critical data?

Small businesses are more likely to be affected by the devastating effects of ransomware, phishing attacks and malware. According to US research, as much as two out of three SMEs are targeted annually by cybercriminals.

For SMEs, investing in up-to-date security management solutions is essential in reducing the risk of cybercrime and data breaches. While you can’t always eliminate all dangers and the ever-changing cyber threats, you can take a more proactive approach by monitoring threats and establishing reliable data back-up and recovery procedures.

Be proactive about cybersecurity. Aside from mitigating online threats, businesses are most concerned about employees not following security protocols, specifically when sharing business data on remote devices, according to research by Oracle and KPMG.

Educate your team on security policies and ensure employees safeguard and back-up regularly data, especially if you are using a flexible and remote workforce. Ensure all mobile devices, cloud apps, emails and collaborative software are continuously protected.

Do regular back-ups in the cloud. Data back-up and recovery solutions eliminate the risk of complete data loss, which can lead to business closure. Cloud solutions allow for automated file updates and back-up storage in the cloud, meaning you get access to all your data and can restore information from anywhere once connected.

With automatic back-ups in the cloud in a central location, data recovery becomes an easier process. Also, cloud back-ups are generally more effective than on-site storage and external devices in terms of minimum downtime and high storage capacity.

Implement a disaster recovery strategy. Include disaster recovery and emergency data access in your planning.  Devise a business impact analysis (BIA) to identify the most critical resources and establish the frequency of regular back-ups. Test your back-up system periodically and ensure data recovery goes smoothly in case of emergencies.

Your disaster recovery service should allow you to test recovery failover to restore normal operations. Reviewing and updating your data recovery planning will guarantee business continuity with minimum disruptions.

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