The Role of IoT Integration with ERP and CRM Systems

The world is constantly evolving to a place where operational technology systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) swiftly integrate with social media feeds, virtual resources, people, and machine learning capabilities.

Enter the next level in information and data management: the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is gaining more attention in the way it can boost customer service and improve business processes – just as ERP and CRM systems achieve.

How can IoT and its machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity increase the potential of your current enterprise systems?

Boost Real-time Data Collection and Analysis

A prerequisite of a capable ERP system is to be flexible and agile, as well as to process, analyse, and distribute data in real time. This data is collected via multiple channels.

By enabling machine-to-machine connectivity, IoT can further assist ERP with data collection, by unifying various platforms (laptop, mobile, tablet) for multiple user access. This interface between Internet-connected devices will boost ERP efforts to gather and analyse data.

Adapt to Changing and Dynamic Environments

With IoT technology, devices use network protocols to identify themselves among each other. Each device is adaptive, responsive and self-configurable, enabling automated communication, transfer of information and feedback.

IoT’s immediate response and the ease of adaptability to changes in environment and company circumstances provides flexible architectural models companies can take advantage of when configuring ERP and CRM systems.

Organisations need ERP platforms to enhance system performance, improve business operations, manage complex data and make decisions faster, all in a dynamic market environment.

With IoT now a possibility, companies can look forward to an enhanced, streamlined experience and unified connection on multiple channels and platforms, each an integral component of a flexible and powerful system.