The Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the Cloud

Running Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud holds many benefits for your small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a great tool to optimise enterprise resource planning (ERP) to increase productivity, streamline business processes and optimise your business potential, so look no further!

Here are the rest of the biggest benefits offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

All-in-one ERP solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV collects your business’s functions into one integrated ERP system that is quick and easy to implement and is also very user-friendly. Your financial, manufacturing, supply chain management, sales and marketing, project management, human resources and services management data is integrated into one system which streamlines ERP and its implementation in your business. Since data is stored in a centralised database, employees can be more productive.

Access anywhere, anytime

You as well as your employees will be able to work on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system anywhere you are at any time you need to thanks to the 24-7 availability of cloud technology. As long as you have a compatible device and internet connectivity, you’ll have all access to your business data at any given time. This improves productivity and control of information.

Saves money

Because Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be deployed without any hardware on-site, SMEs can enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s world-class ERP system while saving on the usual hardware and IT management expenses. This frees up cash to increase cash flow.

Flexibility through scalability

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you have the flexibility to adjust the number of user licensing according to your fluctuating business needs, which makes ERP considerably easier and more effective. The subscription fee is charged per user per month, so you can increase or decrease this number as needed and subsequently save money thanks to this scalability, as you no longer need to pay for unused licensing.

Simplified user experience

With simplified objects and pages available, Microsoft Dynamics NAVsupport SMEs by being more accessible. These simpler versions of the standard user interface allow your employees to focus on the basics and streamlines sales and purchase processes.

Available on any device and platform

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the cloud, the user-friendliness of the interface is increased exponentially. It is cross-platform friendly so you can use it on the mobile device of your choice. For example, the SME’s mobile sales team can access data from the central database while working with customers, with easy viewing regardless of the device and from wherever they are.

Integrates with software

You’ll be able to directly integrate your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system with other software programmes used in your organisation, for example Microsoft Office. This allows employees to create invoices and reports using Microsoft Word and Excel templates, as well as make changes yourself while working in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

Increased cash-flow management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers simple bank integration that allows bank statements to be imported into this ERP system or exported to electronic payment files as required by your bank. It also allows you as a user to import bank transaction data into a dedicated user interface while automatically opening entries representing the relevant customer and supplier documents. This ERP function includes advanced record matching, improved review tools as well as advanced financial metrics. In addition, you’ll have stronger controls in place when it comes to electronic payments, with improved tracking of payment history and improved electronic banking.

IT staff and support

As mentioned, you’ll need fewer internal IT support staff as Microsoft Dynamics NAV is supported via the cloud, which means the IT support staff you do have in-house can focus on improving day-to-day technical operations and strategic planning.

Peace of mind

Microsoft Dynamics NAV will take care of business so that you can have peace of mind: The Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system is designed to host the software and manage tasks such as the server, server support, licensing, maintenance, data back-ups and ongoing IT support. You are left to focus on more important things such as planning the long-term business strategy.

If you as a business owner are looking for a ERP solution that can help you drive your business and increase your productivity, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the system you’re looking for! Contact Strategix today to learn more about these and other benefits Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers your business!