Why it’s Time for New Accounting Software

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1. You don’t have a paper trail
You’re dreading your next audit, because your current accounting software neither has a clear audit trail nor does it have workflows in place to protect your assets and make sure that you are compliant with industry regulations.

2. Your cash flow data is all over the place
Details of expenses and accounts are recorded in a plethora of spreadsheets and files, instead of organised in one central system as per your accounting software. You have no way of getting a comprehensive and accurate overview of what you’re earning and what you’re spending, which means you have no control over your cash flow.

3. You’re not exactly sure what’s in your warehouse
Your accounting software should be able to tell you what’s in stock, on order or on its way to a customer. You need to have a firm handle on your inventory if you want to deliver your product timeously and in mint condition.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX can be deployed to meet your organisation’s specific requirements and budget. It is:

  • Compatible with legacy systems: keep your existing solutions
  • Industry specialised: innovative, industry-specific functionality for manufacturing, distribution, retail, professional services, public sector and other key industries
  • Customisable: multiple integration scenarios to satisfy a range of business requirements with industry-specific operations scenarios
  • Integrated with existing systems: tight technology integration across Microsoft products

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4. Your current accounting software is outdated
Without the latest accounting software, you are making your employees struggle to be productive as the system limits them instead of streamlining their tasks. This software is the backbone of your financial management and ultimately determines how accurate you keep track of your money, so it needs to be effective and foolproof.

5. You’re effectively office-bound when doing accounting
In today’s digital age, you need to be able to work from anywhere, at any time. If your accounting software isn’t compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, you are literally being immobilised by it, which effectively cripples your business.

Having a cutting-edge accounting system is vital to your business’ growth and success. Microsoft Dynamics AX has the best, state-of-the-art systems that will increase the accuracy, effectiveness and execution of all your financials.

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