Top 3 Drivers to Integrating Public Clouds

Organisations have raised their technological expectations and require a modern IT infrastructure that helps accelerate innovation, agility and performance competitive to boost competitive edge, all the while keeping costs in check.

Businesses have the freedom to choose and implement a cloud solution that supports their unique strategic objectives and cloud strategy, by leveraging private, public and hybrid clouds.

Research by virtualisation and cloud solutions provider VMware shows that 48 percent of organisations are already using multiple clouds, including both AWS and Azure, while 67% agree that using multiple clouds and integrating public cloud infrastructure represents an ideal scenario for their businesses.

Furthermore, the inclusion of public clouds relies on three primary drivers cited by most senior IT leaders as seen below.

  1. Cloud-first Strategy

The major benefit of cloud migration is the leverage shared infrastructure organisations have access to, by paying only for the resources utilised.

A cloud strategy assists businesses to achieve greater flexibility and resilience. Most enterprises will opt for hybrid cloud solutions, a mix of private and public clouds.

  1. Time-to-market Speed

Public clouds are a fast option to meet network infrastructure requirements and provide the uptime, flexibility and scalability desired. Speedy time-to-market is critical to compete in today’s fast-changing marketplace and when scaling and extending business operations.

  1. Budget Pressures

Replacing on-premises infrastructure with cloud-based solutions increases network capacity and reduces data centre footprint and associated costs. Organisations looking at maximising the output of their lower budgets use public clouds to take advantage of the infrastructure savings.

Research by Gartner confirms that organisations are saving 14 percent of their budgets as an outcome of public cloud adoption.

Although there are still challenges facing organisations making a move to the public cloud infrastructure, there is no question that the adoption and integration of this infrastructure can significantly contribute to business growth prospects through innovation, agility and flexibility factors.

Does your IT infrastructure provide the scalability and performance your business requires?

VMware’s cloud technologies assist organisations to fully and securely leverage VMware hybrid clouds and native public clouds for increased agility, accelerated innovation and optimized costs.