Top Trends in CRM Part 1

The main priority of customer relationship management (CRM) is to find, attract and win new clients; nurture and retain the customers your company already has and reduce the costs of marketing and customer service while determining the most efficient way to engage with both existing and potential customers.

The latter has become a key focus of CRM in our rapidly developing digital age, as customers have embraced digital technology and marketers cannot reach them through the traditional ways. Now marketing teams need to re-establish a means of reaching the customer via social media platforms.

Social media has boomed over the last few years and has created a fluid space where people interact more freely and at a faster pace than before. There are also many different channels used for different kinds of communication, so understanding the customer and exactly what they want has become crucial.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to implement CRM more freely and with more ease by using technology to best communicate across a growing number of channels ranging from traditional media to digital environments, all the while maintaining a consistent message and identity.

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With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can earn customers for life by providing relevant, personalized service—at any time and via any channel. Empower your agents with everything they need at their fingertips to deliver amazing customer service.

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In recent times there has been a few major trends in the ways in which people engage with media platforms. This has become influential in developing and implementing a CRM system. The digital engagement environment needs to be defined carefully and correctly, paying attention to how it is evolving and subsequently how the nature of engagement with the customer needs to adapt.

Firstly, trends are showing that the customer is indeed king and will continue his or her reign for a long time. Customers have more control than ever in how and when they engage on the various media platforms. It is important that marketing, especially social media marketing, keep abreast of customer demands and meet them on their terms, where they feel comfortable and are therefore susceptible to brand promotion.

Lookout for the second part of this blog!

You need the best of the best to help you create the perfect CRM strategy to engage with your customers in a positive, productive manner.

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