In response to the Coronavirus, Microsoft has launched a new interactive Bing map that provides information on the spread of COVID-19, specific to each country. The map states the number of active cases, recovered cases, fatal cases, and relevant news to each country. This data is leveraged from a variety of credible and reliable sources, including the World Health Organisation, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, as well as the US Center for Disease Prevention and Control, amongst many others. The reports do not state the time at which the cases were confirmed; however, it is estimated that it is updated every hour.

At Strategix, we have developed a Power BI status report for COVID-19 by country. There are two reports – the first is a live status report, and the second is the historical chart.

The live status report is updated in real-time. What is different about this report compared to Microsoft’s Bing report is that it is in more depth. The Strategix COVID-19 report uses heat maps and graphs to show (by country);

  1. Countries with confirmed cases
  2. Confirmed cases
  3. Active cases
  4. Serious cases
  5. Recovered cases
  6. Recovery percentages
  7. Deaths
  8. Percentage of deaths
  9. Serious critical cases
  10. Global total confirmed cases

The live report also encompasses global charts, which include overall percentages displayed on graphs from the 22nd of January 2020 to the 19th of March and is updated daily. These statistics include;

  1. Cases confirmed
  2. Cases recovered
  3. Deaths

The historic status report, on the other hand, is updated daily and displays information both globally and not only per country but each province or state, provided on a drop-down menu. All information is displayed in graphs;

  1. Countries affected by the virus
  2. Number of confirmed cases globally and per country (selected from a d
  3. Death rate percentage (globally
  4. Recovery rate percentage

We at Strategix care about the wellbeing of every person in our country and the world. There is now, more than ever, a dire need for software to step up and accommodate the needs COVID-19 has imposed on all members of society – such as remote working, education on the virus and institutional, virtual meetings, communication lines, and society continually being updated on the happenings of the virus in any country they are interested in.

To view the Strategix COVID-19 report visit:


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