What is the USSD code for …? Part 3: Vodacom

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Welcome to the third post on the most popular USSD codes of South Africa’s main cellphone service providers. A quick recap on USSD codes:

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is a protocol used by the Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications cellphones to communicate with service providers’ computers. Did you know that most people don’t know what it is even though most of us have used it before? If you have ever topped up with airtime by dialling that “*100# “number, then you have used USSD. It offers a simple browsing experience through a menu system on your mobile device.

Latest research shows that an average of 80% of South Africans living in urban areas and 94% of South Africans living in the more remote rural areas have pre-paid accounts which gives a good indication of how a USSD service can add value. It is supported by all handsets and networks and requires no internet connection or application to be installed.



USSD services menu: *111#

Balance enquiry: *100# (prepaid) or *111*502# (contract)

Recharge of prepaid account: *100*01* recharge PIN #

Please Call Me: *140* CellphoneNumber #

Please Recharge Me: 140*02* CellphoneNumber #

Data bundle transfer: *111*1002#

Airtime transfer: *111*072#

Airtime advance: *111*082#

MMS + WAP Settings: *111# (pin is 0000)

Vodacom Paypoint: *120*1234#

Information about promotions: *111# and select “Promotions”

Information about entertainment: *111# and select “Entertainment”

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