VMware Adopts Multi-cloud Expansion Strategy

Companies are increasingly demanding access to multiple cloud products as hybrid cloud networks become the preferred choice, according to cloud computing and virtualisation services provider VMware.

The demand for multiple cloud environments prompted VMware to further expand its cloud services to public cloud suppliers Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. “There is no edge to the data centre anymore, and customers have multiple cloud products,” said VMware.

VMware initially launched VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) last year in the United States, followed by the announcement of the cloud expansion into Europe.

However, customer demand has warranted adapting VMware services to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, despite that several of VMware’s largest customers are already running VMware cloud on AWS.

The market demand follows significant growth in cloud infrastructure spending, where public cloud services continue to increase in popularity. Companies now consider the benefits of a hybrid cloud infrastructure which requires the best of hosted private cloud services and public cloud performance.

New data from Synergy Research Group shows a 51% increase in cloud infrastructure spending in the first quarter of 2018 compared to last year’s period, with Amazon AWS leading the pack with 33% market share, followed by Microsoft at 13%, IBM at around 8%, Google and Alibaba.

Synergy estimates that quarterly cloud infrastructure service revenues, including IaaS, PaaS and hosted private cloud services, have reached almost $15 billion worldwide. Public IaaS and PaaS services account for the bulk of the market at 56%, where the dominant players are Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google.

Consequently, VMware will adopt a flexible multi-cloud strategy approach, and adapt its cloud services to Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Organisations relying on VMware’s cloud infrastructure stand to further benefit from this strategy.

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