What is Virtual Cloud Networking?

The network of the future needs to meet the demand for integrated security and seamless connectivity. Virtual cloud networking connects and secures applications and data wherever they are located: in the cloud, data centre, branch or the edge.

Virtual cloud networking is an innovative network architecture approach that not only empowers digital transformation throughout enterprises, but it ensures high flexibility and practicality for technology teams.

The network architecture is built to aggregate information fast, automate tasks, and draw insights from apps and data to support the requirements of the digital enterprise and unlock more value for the business and its stakeholders.

Unlike the traditional network architecture of the past, virtual cloud networking is software-defined with purpose-built to advance the goal of digital transformation, according to VMware Chief Operating Officer for Products and Cloud Services, Rajiv Ramaswami.

The progressive architecture approach relies on connected elements and services that run on a common network, automated networking functions (maintenance, patches, upgrades) and enforced built-in security as opposed to add-ons.

Most importantly, virtual cloud networking is built on cloud fundamentals, which poses numerous advantages compared to on-premises and legacy environments where infrastructure demands can delay operational progress and increase downtime.

Therefore, virtual cloud networking enables faster time-to-market for data and applications. Real-time enterprise-wide network visibility increases the speed and efficiency of enterprise infrastructure and streamlines the development process, with near-zero downtime.

The greatest advantage of virtual cloud networking is, in fact, its ability to improve network reliability and security, reducing downtime at branch locations and for end-users. Clients, employees, partners and other stakeholders can access the relevant apps and data as needed, leveraging instant connectivity on a common, flexible network, that can expand with their needs and the demands of the organisation.

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